Sent:                                           Wednesday, March 9, 2022 7:59 PM


Subject:                                     EWAM Access Modification Confirmation



 DCMA External Web Access



User ID: EU15565




We have received your request to modify your access to one of your DCMA toolsets.




Your updated request(s) are listed below along with the current status:


Pricing and Negotiation 2.0   Removed


Workspace Portal for Combat Support Center    Approved


Workspace Portal for Industrial Base Analysis Community    Pending


Electronic Contract Administration Request System (ECARS)    Pending


Strategic Systems Programs - Naval    Approved


DCMA Intranet (,,,,,,    Approved


Pricing and Negotiation 2.0   Removed


Pricing and Negotiation 2.0   Removed


 Special Instructions:


You may also log into your account and view the status of your request.


For assistance, contact the DCMA IT Service Center at 1-888-576-DCMA(3262)